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Rainbow Burst - SImple Coloring Stencil

Rainbow Burst - SImple Coloring Stencil


  • $24.75

Wouldn't it be amazing to add some rainbow magic to your projects?

These coloring stencils coordinate with Rainbow Burst Hot Foil Plate.

This stencil set features a swirly design around a center focal point. Easily color in each of the 24 sections using the handy etched numbers on the stencils to guide you. lt will look incredible on its own, or you can step up the design by pairing it with the coordinating hot foil plate!

These stencils are part of our unique line of stencils curated to be used with their corresponding hot foil plates. The stencils will provide a base for adding color and character to the images in the stamp set.

This is a 3 in 1 Simple Coloring Stencil Set.

Designer's Tips: For each of the stencil sections, blend darker ink towards the center circle and either use less pressure or a lighter color towards the edges. The result will be a beautiful gradient that emanates outward!

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